Mauricio Zenteno

My experience with Ms. Geeves and Mr. Thieler was without a doubt something that marked my professional career in such enriching ways that I don’t think I’ve been lucky enough to come across similar people with such passion, devotion and professionalism. They helped me understand the world of dance from a completely different point of view and helped me take my dance to a whole different level. They are unbelievably generous teachers, mentors, choreographers and dancers that will bring the best out of you and will definitely help you discover and boost your potential. If I had a chance to work with them again, I would do it without a doubt and I’m sure whomever is fortunate to be under their guidance will feel the same. Ms. Geeves’s and Mr. Thieler’s successful and incredible career and experience gave them such a vast knowledge that they share with you without any restrains, so aside from being incredible artists that will inspire you, they are incredible people who will become a milestone not only in your artistic career but also in your everyday life.

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