Louisa Poletti

The impact that Gregor and Xanthe had upon my life is still being written. In the six months that we worked together, it is no understatement to say that the entire course of my career shifted.
Their teachings went beyond technique and steps. Through their dedication and their deep investment in us, we were able to see the beauty of artistry and the intricacies of what it was to be not just a dancer, but a performer. The only way, in my experience, that such a thing is possible, is when the guidance and wisdom passed to a student comes from the heart of passionate people who love their work and believe in those they lead.
It is through their eyes that I saw the beauty of expression, not simply the articulation of physical form, within dance and it is a lesson that has helped me carve a path through my professional career.
I owe much to Gregor and Xanthe, not the least of which my career, however, what I would like to thank them for most is sharing with me and my colleagues their passion, love and commitment to each and every one of us, not just as dancers, but as people.