Chloe Bayliss

Gregor and Xanthe gave me all the essential tools I needed both physically and emotionally to pave a career in the arts. I feel so lucky to have been guided and nurtured by these two incredible artists and choreographers. They bought my dancing up to a whole new level of artistry and strength. They helped me to work outside my comfort zone and tap into the parts that made me as a dancer so special. They gave me a huge huge insight into the professional world of dance. Their vast knowledge of the industry gave me the confidence to take on their advice and actively go out and pursue a career in the arts. What I loved most about working with them was their complete and utter love for the art form, whilst genuinely nurturing and cherishing each individual dancer to make them the best dancer and artist they possible could. My time with them was truly life changing and inspirational. They helped me grow into the performer and choreographer I am today. I am still continuing to learn from them and use their talents of teaching, choreographing, mentoring and artistry in both dance and acting.